I came off dissapointment
Ego still intact
Blinded by stacks of reservation

Insincere sympathetic
Like a carnival act
I gathered my wits for adulation

A garnish of woe,
Sprinkled with glee,
Finding fruit on a fig tree

But I had no expectations
No commiserations
Nothing to stand in my way

She’s a bold and brazen scene
With a bit of limerick in between
She’s a matchhead a breed apart
Enigmatic spirit flies from her heart
She’s seekin’ solace where it lies
I’m going surfing in her eyes
I’m going surfing in her eyes

A mess of disaster
My choices unsound
I skirted around my destination

Falling impaled
Upon a carpet of gnats
I ignored my impulsive and faked it

But I took a chance
And I fell on my face
Finding love had been misplaced



I’m going surfing in her eyes-4x

Loving Anyway

If it all ended tommorrow
Could it be that you would say
You lived up to the fullest
Of each and every day
You got up every morning
And thankfully inhale
Breathing in forgiveness
And all that it entails

You ate from life’s bowl of cherries
And suckled on the fruit
Knowing all and all is ending
The pit is sweetly moot (But you say)

I’m gonna fall in Loving Anyway
I’m gonna fall in love with you
I’m gonna fall on my face when I trip on the lace of my shoes
And that’s when you’ll see me true

You’ve taken what is sacred
And made it so profane
Attempting absolution
You can’t erase the soul ingrained


When you walk downstream
With the Sun behind you
You can almost see
All that’s hidden from you

When you try too hard
To avoid your passion
You will find your self
On another mission

As the iris wanes
And the hazel blooms
You seek truth unfeign
Life will breathe anew

In your time of need
And your time of treasure
I’ll be here to bleed
For both equal measure

Moon Most Wax

Come back to me Mama
You’ve got elixir that I need
Wanton and stray, mama
Before all is gray, you will find a way

We’re just passing through
On the way to another room
On our way to another room…
We all must laugh at truth
We see what we want to see
Including you and me

Come back to me Padre
You’ve got no need for all that speed
Don’t leave me hanging, Sire
Well it’s down to the wire, but everything is ok

Come back to me Mama
Whisper your secret in my ear
Come back to me Padre
One day your wits will grip eclipse
Let fortune find yer way.

Falling Blue

Rogue wave of discord
Curious to explore
Almost felling her Majesty
What a tragedy, what it used to be, no more

The Fly’s attracted to the bane.
Reactive brain is flying high.
The rain is seeping through the Wall,… Falling Blue.

Choices weighed not ignored
Deviate from the Norm
Judgement clouding catastophe
Does it have to be, do we need to be, reborn?