Lemons and Bananas represents the culmination of a period of soul-searching for me. Death, love, being in the moment, wisdom and choice are my muses. The songs reflect an openness of expression that I hadn’t explored before. Events of a biographical nature blend with observation and ruminations on existence in the narrative of these songs.

-Lime- Past and present collide in this humbling third person take on relationships. Verses are the past and the chorus is present day.

A shimmery intro leads to an insistently spare groove underlying the confessions of a hopeful romantic. A quickly climbing turnaround yields to a melodic chorus of

idealism realized.

-Loving Anyway- Regardless of day to day platitudes, love conquers all. Honesty, tragedy, betrayal and the fundamentals of being are on display in this emotional roller

coaster, an invective of longing crossed with an admission of flaw.
-Grasshopper- A looping odd rhythm illuminates wisdom to the uninitiated.
-Green Tea- Meditations on inner peace.
-Moon Most Wax- Written to placate the impending feeling of loss incurred when losing a loved one. -Falling Blue- Answers lead to questions of cycles of questioning leading answers.